An Overview Of Our Family Law Practice

Isaacson Law, PLLC, has helped hundreds of Texas families get positive results. Our lawyer, Pamela Isaacson, has more than 17 years of experience handling family law cases in Rockwall, Plano and the surrounding areas. She understands that a family law issue can mean an extremely complicated time in your life, and she will work tirelessly to help you explore all of your options for achieving a positive result.

To arrange a consultation with a skilled and compassionate family law attorney, contact us today. We advise and represent clients in Rockwall, Plano and the surrounding areas.

Realistic Expectations, Customized Solutions

Your family law case will involve issues that are unique to your specific situation, and it is important that you work with an attorney who understands the best way to find solutions to these problems. We approach each case with compassion. As our client, you can trust that a skilled and knowledgeable is looking out for you.

Our firm handles a variety of family law matters:

  • Divorce: we can advise and represent you in all aspects of the divorce process, including spousal support and the division of marital property.
  • Child custody: we work together with you to establish a custody agreement that is in your child's best interests.
  • CPS cases: if you are facing a CPS case, we can help you take swift action to protect your parental rights.
  • Termination of parental rights and stepparent adoptions: our team will help you determine the issues that must be addressed during these potentially difficult proceedings.
  • Domestic violence: we help individuals obtain or contest restraining orders, and we help our clients deal with the potential ramifications that these claims may have on pending family law matters.
  • Paternity actions: we help our clients establish paternity and find the right custody agreement for their specific situation.
  • LGBT family law: we help same-sex couples deal with the complex issues that they may encounter when their relationship ends.
  • Grandparents' rights: we help families request or contest grandparents' child custody or visitation rights.

Pamela Isaacson will make every effort to find a reasonable solution to your case before litigation becomes necessary. However, this is not always possible in family law cases. Sometimes the emotions involved make it impossible for the parties to focus on finding common ground.

If this happens in your case, Pamela is ready to step inside the courtroom. She has handled many divorce, custody and CPS cases at trial, and she is not afraid to stand up for your best interests. She will be there, by your side, no matter what happens with your case. She will not turn her back on you when things get difficult.

Learn More About Your Options

We will meet with you to truly understand what is happening in your case. Together, we can decide the best way to proceed. To schedule a consultation, please call 214-865-7537 or use or contact form to send us an email. We serve clients in Rockwall, Plano and the surrounding areas.