What Happens If There Are Allegations Of Domestic Violence?

When a couple is going through a divorce or child custody dispute, it is not uncommon for one of the parties to make allegations of domestic violence. Many allegations are real and based in fact, but in some cases, the accusing party is trying to gain the upper hand in a family law or divorce case. This is something that must be carefully analyzed because there are severe consequences for those in Texas who are accused of domestic abuse. In some cases, even if something as simple as a protective order is put in place, it could result in the loss of a job or employment opportunities.

At Isaacson Law, PLLC, we represent individuals who are alleging or contesting that domestic violence occurred. Our attorney, Pamela Isaacson, has more than 17 years of experience in handling with these complex family law matters, and she is confident that she can help you obtain results in your case.

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Helping You Protect Your Family

You might have questions about what you need to do to stay safe, or you might worry about what is going to happen to your kids if you are accused of abuse. We take the time to review your situation and help you understand what you can do to protect yourself and those most important to you. Our attorney can help with many different issues related to domestic violence cases, including:

  • Examining your situation to determine the degree to which domestic is a factor
  • Requesting or contesting protective orders or restraining orders
  • Helping you understand the impact that domestic violence will have upon your other pending actions

Even an allegation of domestic abuse may be enough to completely change the direction of a divorce or child custody case. Our team will help you understand what is at stake and then prepare a sound plan that addresses the concerns in your specific situation.

Realistic Expectations, Customized Solutions

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