Skilled Assistance With Stepparent And Other Family Adoptions

If you are divorced with children, you might one day decide to get remarried. In some situations, it might be appropriate for your new spouse to consider adopting your child from a previous relationship. Your ex may decide to agree to these requests, or might wish to continue to assert his or her parental rights. If you find yourself facing questions concerning an adoption, you should reach out to an experienced family law attorney to learn more about your options.

Isaacson Law, PLLC, provides skilled assistance in adoption matters in Rockwall, Plano and throughout the surrounding communities. Our attorney, Pamela Isaacson, has more than 17 years of experience in handling simple and complex cases involving adoption and termination of parental rights.

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Safeguarding Parental Rights

Pamela will sit down with you to learn more about your goals, and she can work with you to develop the right plan for your situation. She will make sure that you understand your available options, and she will guide you toward a peaceful resolution of your case.

As a skilled family law attorney, Pamela has helped many Texas families navigate the adoption process. Our adoption practice includes:

  • Helping individuals request the termination of parental rights in order to allow a stepparent adoption to proceed
  • Representing biological parents who wish to contest termination of parental rights requests
  • Guiding families throughout the adoption process to ensure that all requirements and paperwork are completed properly

The future of your family is important. We make sure that you are prepared for whatever may happen in your case. If issues arise that threaten your ability to achieve your goals, we are ready to step inside the courtroom to pursue an outcome that is in your favor.

We know that this is an important time for you, and we are passionate about helping you achieve a positive outcome. We will make sure you have a clear understanding of all the available options each step of the way.

Putting You In Control Of Your Case

Whether you need help with an adoption or a matter related to the termination of parental rights, our lawyer will be there to offer you guidance throughout the entire process. To schedule a consultation to discuss your options, please call us at 214-865-7537 or send us an email. We advise and represent clients in Rockwall, Plano and the surrounding areas.